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Holy Fire Reiki Master, Crystal Light Healing & More!

Headshot of Kirsti Mellgren Kuykendall

About Me

I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master and Crystal Light Healer dedicated to providing you with energetic treatments that promote healing and balance. With years of experience, I have helped many people improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. I believe in the power of Reiki and crystal healing to restore harmony and promote overall health. Let me guide you on your journey to wellness.

"The power of healing is within you. Let me help you unleash it."

Healing Options

Reiki Treatment

One on One Reiki Session

In a one on one Reiki session, I will work with you to identify any blockages or imbalances in your energy field and use gentle hand placements to restore balance and promote healing.  Holy Fire® energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of conscionness.  It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.

Crystal Light Healing

Crystal Light Therapy involves laying under 7 Leumarian Crystal Quartz Lights each aligned with the body's own energy points,  known as Chakra's, and their corresponding colors and vibrations.  The subtle energies interact and harmonize with the higher vibrational energies of your aura, light body.   As your energies are re-aligned, it helps to bring your own natural healing systems back into balance.

Spiritual Support & Guidance

Awaken your inner potential and connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels.  As a certified Medium & Spiritual Counselor, Gallactic Ambassador, and Reiki Master, my Interdimensional Team and I guide & support you with past life exploration, connecting to loved ones on the other side, Starseed Origins & Missions, Awakening, Ascension and more!  


Kirsti came right out to my driveway!!  So comfortable, so relaxing and well worth it!

Try it you won’t be disappointed

I felt like I was floating!!

Misti F.

Awesome experience! Felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Thank you:)

Karmen H.

This was my first treatment and it was awesome! Being down by the river was so peaceful and tranquil... can't wait for the next one! Kirsti did a great job at explaining everything and what was going to happen. Won't be soon forgotten!

Heather B.

Get in Touch

2646 Meadow Creek Loop, Billings, MT 59105

Thank you for getting in touch!

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